Mahon House

Boarding Kennels & Cattery

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Drop-off Day

The day you are bringing your pets to stay will often be a day of upheavel in your house – suitcases being packed; excited children running round; adults getting tense because things are running late!

Don't forget that your pets may pick up on this and become stressed, even before getting into the car or being placed in a carrier. So please try to keep them as calm as possible – try to deliver your pets to us in good time, to reduce the risk of last minute panics when a cat goes walkabout.

Please remember to bring your vaccination cards, medications, toys etc. – and your pets!

We will need a contact number for you – either a mobile that will work wherever you are going, or the number of a local friend or relative who either can contact you or who can speak on your behalf.

Please note that we may refuse admission to pets we consider to be unsuitable for boarding.

Pick-up Day

Here are a few things to bear in mind when you pick-up your pets, and take them home. These may not apply to all pets, but they are all points that we, or customers, have noted over the years.

  • Your pet will have got used to the routines operated here – meal times, exercise times etc. and may take a few days to re-adjust to your daily routines.
  • Dogs in particular may sleep a lot when you get them home. The routines here provide exercise throughout the day, with interaction between the dogs and us, and (through the mesh) between dogs. Some dogs take full advantage of this!
  • If your cat is allowed outside, it might be sensible to keep them in for a few days until they are used to your routines again – especially if they get upset by travelling in the carrier. You don't want to let them out of the carrier directly into the garden while they may be disorientated.
  • Although we try to feed a diet similar to that which your pets are used to, there may be slight differences, and so do not be worried if it takes a few days for their regular eating habits to return.
  • Your dog will not have seen you for a few days and is likely to be very happy to see you, so we recommend not wearing too 'posh' clothes.